If you SUSPECT abuse or hear about any type of child abuse, you are LEGALLY OBLIGATED to report IMMEDIATELY to...

If the child is in danger or needs immediate help, call 911 FIRST!

WV Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline 1-800-352-6513

You may also contact CYAC at (304)645-4668.

ALL people who work with children are Mandated Reporters!
Mandated Reporting
Child and Youth Advocacy Center
1. Listen to the child and don't interrupt when he/she is talking. The child needs to be as comfortable as possible.

2. Don't ask for more than the child tells you. The child needs support, not interrogation.

3. Assure the child that he/she did the right thing telling you. Also assure the child that the abuse is NOT his/her fault.

4. Keep your own feelings under control. No anger, name calling, or venting your personal thoughts. It's about the child. If the child feels he/she upset you, the child may withdraw and not tell you or anyone else anything.

5. Don't promise not to tell! You can't handle this alone. Don't make promises regarding law enforcement, court, or any other legal process you have no control over.

6. Assess the child's safety before reporting. Child's safety always comes first. Can the child go home or is it dangerous? Is there somewhere else the child can go?

7. Report what you heard to law enforcement or Child Protective Services. Use the child's vocabulary to ensure accuracy.
     If a Child Reports Abuse to YOU...